Side Hustle: 7 Ways to Make Money With Your Body Legally

Side Hustle: 7 Ways to Make Money With Your Body Legally

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There’s a lot of side hustles out there, but here’s a bunch of low activation or high-paying ways to make money with your body legally. Fun times.

Get Paid to Poop! 

In Boston, there’s a center accepting poop for $40 per donation. You have to commit to going 3 times a week for 60 days. But it’s something you were going to flush down the toilet anyway – why not get paid to do it? That’s $480 a month, or $120 a week, just for doing something you do already! Great for college students or people who work close to the centers. Best of all, no side effects and you’re helping someone else. Your stool is used for a procedure called FMT, which cures people of C. Diff infections. The center, OpenBiome, is a non-profit as well, so you don’t have to worry about big Pharma guilt.

Plasma Donation

While you aren’t legally allowed to be paid for blood, you’re allowed to be paid to donate plasma. If you donate twice a week, you can make up to $400 a month at private plasma centers. The Red Cross only allows you to donate every 28 days. The side effects for donating plasma are similar to those when you donate blood: dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, etc. If you body doesn’t feel comfortable, don’t force yourself! Find another way to make money on the side. If plasma donation doesn’t affect you physically, you can just study or read a book when you’re there. Be productive! Find a Donor center here.

Sperm Banks

While I’m slightly jealous I can’t participate in this one, for all you lucky males out there, you can earn $100+ per trip to the sperm bank, and some banks pays $1,500 a month! Current laws say the recipient can’t come forward for child support for some states and not for others, but I’m not sure of what the future holds. Are you ok with potential little ones walking around? I don’t think I could stomach it, it just makes me uncomfortable, but that’s something you’ll have to bet on yourself.

Psychological Studies

On a lot of college campuses, there are psych studies and they can earn you up to $40+ an hour. Back in my college days I found it fun to sign up for a few if I was attending class near the building they hosted studies in. They ranged from boring things like pushing a spacebar every time a letter came up and not a number to playing puzzles and eating cake. On occasion I would lie in an MRI (no contrast) and play little games while in it. They were pretty fun. Google “psych studies” and your location to find out about ones near you.

Clinical Trials

This is something I didn’t really dive into, unless you count lying in an MRI with no contrast and playing games. I didn’t want pharmaceuticals being tested on me so I would only do it if it didn’t involve drugs. There were also sleep studies where they would study sleep apnea and other sleep disorders if you ad them, which doesn’t seem half bad since it also didn’t involve drugs. Getting paid to sleep doesn’t sound half bad. They were pretty lucrative as a college student, with getting paid $60+/hr for MRI studies and even more for the sleep studies. There are ones with drugs actually being tested on you that pay a few thousand dollars, but with the unknown side effects, you’ll have to decide if you want to risk that (I wouldn’t!).

Egg Donation

Egg donors are paid up to $10,000 for eggs normally. The process can take 8-10 weeks with two injections daily for several weeks. Once your eggs are ready, doctors harvest 20-30 eggs at a time. There are certain minorities who are paid more (Asian, Jewish) because those races have less egg donors, and their parents want a baby of the same race. Same goes for women with graduate or Ivy degrees. An article even came up with women getting paid $100,000 for eggs. The centers also offer free egg freezing (which normally costs $10,000, plus yearly storage fees) so you have extra eggs in case something goes wrong, either during the donation cycle or in the future.

But again, cons include child support and having tiny versions of yourself running around — what if they end up in a terrible home or something bad happens to them? There are also risks to all the medications egg donors are given prior to the day of donation. Unlike a sperm bank, where you can just be in and out, donating eggs is a lengthy process and involves pumping yourself full of medication.

Other ways to make money:

Hope you enjoyed the list of ways to make money with your body legally! Do you have any you’d like to add?

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