50 Budget Friendly Summer Bucket List Activities

50 Budget Friendly Summer Bucket List Activities

Summer is heeeeeere — and what’s more summery than a checklist printable of fun summer things?

Activities really don’t have to cost an arm and a leg — there are tons of budget friendly things you can put on your summer bucket list. Here’s 50. Feel free to write down your favorites from this list or just download the printable below.

1. 🗹🎢Go to an amusement park

2. 🗹🔥Have a bonfire party

3. 🗹Basket on Emojipedia 11.1Go on a picnic

4. 🗹📚Read a book on the grass

5. 🗹🚶Go hiking

6. 🗹🍶Make fresh sangria

7. 🗹National Park on Apple iOS 11.3Spend a day at a national park (Free on 9/22/2018)

8. 🗹⛲Spend a day at the water park

9. 🗹🎼Find some live music outside

10. 🗹Pie on Google Android 8.1Make fresh pie

11. 🗹Coconut on Microsoft Windows 10 April 2018 UpdateDrink from a coconut

12. 🗹🚜Go to the farmers market

13. 🗹🍷Make that popsicle in wine glasses cocktail

14. 🗹🎆Watch the fireworks

15. 🗹⛺Go camping

16. 🗹🍢Make smores

17. 🗹Beach With Umbrella on Apple iOS 11.3Go to the beach

18. 🗹Taco on WhatsApp 2.17Buy food from a food truck

19. 🗹🍳Eat brunch in the fresh air

20. 🗹🏰Build a sandcastle

21. 🗹🌈Dance in the (warm) rain

22. 🗹🐝Catch fireflies

23. 🗹🏄Swim in the ocean

24. 🗹Canoe on Facebook 2.2.1Kayak on the water

25. 🗹🚰Have a water balloon fight

26. 🗹⛵Go on a boat ride

27. 🗹Soap on Twitter Twemoji 11.0Create a slip and slide

28. 🗹🎡Go to the state fair

29. 🗹🍦Go to a new ice cream parlor

30. 🗹🎈Go for a hot air balloon ride

31. 🗹🚗Go on a road trip

32. 🗹🌴Lay in a hammock

33. 🗹🎨Visit a new museum

34. 🗹🐠Try fishing

35. 🗹🍋Make lemonade

36. 🗹🍓Pick berries fresh from the farm

37. 🗹🌿Start a herb garden (or a bigger garden!)

38. 🗹🚴‍♀️Go for a bike ride (along the beach or park)

39. 🗹⚽Watch the world cup

40. 🗹🍍Drink from a giant pineapple or watermelon

41. 🗹🌸Make fresh flower crowns

42. 🗹✈Go skydiving (not super budget-friendly, but really cool)

43. 🗹🐦Feed the ducks

44. 🗹⛳Play mini-golf

45. 🗹🎲Play a board game

46. 🗹🍖Throw a BBQ

47. 🗹🍥Eat funnel cakes

48. 🗹🌇Watch the sunset from a rooftop

49. 🗹Skateboard on Twitter Twemoji 11.0Go roller blading or skateboarding

50. 🗹🐑Hang out with some cute animals

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